Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life and times at turkeyfoot landing

I may not have lived life to the fullest but I have enjoyed most of it. Some of my earliest memories are of summer vacations at Indian Lake. Thats where I learned to love fishing. When I was tall enough to hold a small cane pole my dad let me walk along the shore and fish between the boats to catch little bluegills. Needless to say I was hooked at that young age.

As I became older and bolder with my cane pole, my dad became wiser and started grinding the barbs off of the small hooks I was using. It seems to me there were many times he had to cut the hook out of my finger.

One reason I bring this up for my first blog post is that I was at Indian Lake a couple of weeks ago and took a walk through the old boat landing there at Turkeyfoot . Of course it's changed a
lot over fifty years but I remember it like yesterday. The best thing was, a dad walking along the shore with two little boys with cane poles, fishing between the boats.

I walked by them and smiled, and said to the dad, trust me on this one, they will never forget.

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