Sunday, January 4, 2009


How many of you remember citizen band radios? In the year of our Lord 1975 or there about, I entered the world of cb’s.My first one was a Robyn mobile, 23 channels, and it had a blue face. If you know what that is, congratulations.I remember buying that radio from a local shop there in Xenia, Ohio. I knew the owner as Spender. That was his cb handle. That little hole in the wall is also where I met people with names [handles] like Bugs Bunny, Gerty, Roofer, and Tar Baby, Clifton Curley, Lawman, Nova Nine, Blue Bird, Pepsi, and in my family there was Wildfire, Frosty, and Windjammer. What a crazy life we lived in those days. You meet someone on the radio and the next thing you know you are friends for life.After having that radio for a couple of months, my EGO decided that I needed one of those chrome power microphones that I would see in peoples home. You know the tall one that looked like a lollipop. On a desk in front of a base radio they looked impressive. But on the dash of my Chevrolet it looked completely COOL!!!!!Time goes on and technology changes. With the little I know about things like “my space”, things aren’t that different. The only difference between "then and now” might be that with cb’s you could use you imagination to determine what someone might look like.



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OH!!! how true it is and your last statement jumped out at me, because I heard today that on Inaguration Day President elect Obama will make history, by being the first to have his Inagural Address on YOU TUBE!!
Oh how far we've come.