Thursday, December 17, 2009

Water of Life

Water of life

Have you ever seen a flat rock that has been eroded by the weather and will hold water after the rain? That water looks clear and refreshing as it glimmers in the sun light. After it sits a while it begins to stagnate and moss begins to form.

As a mighty river rolls steadily through the countryside, toward its final destination, it surges and than takes a calm respite depending on the landscape. Always moving, sometimes muddy, sometimes clear and clean.

Leaving the screened in porch following the stone path to an area surrounded by trees, we find the old well. This well was dug by grand-pa many years ago. He used river stones to build up the height around it to keep the dirty ground water from flowing into it and polluting it. Water is the basis of life to the natural man. We must have it to live and be fruitful and multiply. We must have it in abundance and it must be clean and pure.

Jesus said, “out of your bellies flow rivers of living water”. To the spiritual man [or woman] the life is in the flow of the Holy Spirit of God living in us. Like the natural waters in different situations, we can have as little or as much of this Living Water as we choose.

Our Salvation in its most basic idea is to be at peace with God. Needles to say, our salvation is not a one shot deal. Isaiah 12 talks about the “wells of salvations” or “springs of deliverance”. That means to me that my salvation is an on-going lifestyle, fed and nurtured by that spring or well of Living Water.

Like the natural man must live in accordance with the amount of water he has available to him, the spiritual man also lives to the level of Living Water he par-takes of. The spiritual man, who understands that he is already at peace with God, has options. He can choose to do those things that his conscience is telling him to do. Like the Apostle Paul, we know the good [right thing] to do. Our problem is that we do not use the power of the Holy Spirit [Living Water] to overcome the natural tendencies to act in selfish or an unloving manner.

Jim Mussetter

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